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A boat builder’s holiday job working on his own yacht.

May 30, 2016

Rubbing down the starboard side of the hull ready for a fresh coat of primer


Then the port side of the hull a bit heavy going, but got it flat in the end


Rubbed down the main damaged paint work amidships where it was rubbed off in the winter


The first side getting its first coat of yacht primer and when dried start the spot filling of the hull



The colour change is like chalk and cheese


Finally all one colour and the spot filling can begin once the primer is dry.


A good way to end the working year on a high note having done most of the jobs needed done before Christmas

December 21, 2015

Sasha the mascot surfacing to inspect the work since he last was on the yacht earlier in the year.

He seen a lot of differences to the yacht and it is feeling more homely now that many of the bits of the equipment is now back in place

One of the last major jobs to do in the New Year the cockpit getting the new seats in place and getting the Samson posts in the back corners and the finally get the manual bilge pipe run sorted and connected up to the skin fitting.

The bunk all cleared to sort out the trims to go back on now the major work in the cabin as been finished

It’s good to get to this stage and the long cold and wet days now a distant memory

Setting out the local area chart to plan our first trial sail once the final jobs are done on the yacht in the New Year.

A chance to get out on the river after all the hard that has been over the past few months

November 28, 2015

The first time in over three years the yacht has been out on the river and under this bridge.

Going down the river towards the sea, it hears it calling it back again

good to be back out on the river even if it is a little on the chilly side.

Time to head for home port and get back to work.

Busy week ahead for the boat building crew

November 9, 2015

Now with a what is looking like a settled weather week ahead, we should be able to get some of the outside jobs done.One job especially on Mai-Star II, its cockpit coamings are ready to make to fit.

Also the cooker area needed to be sorted, so that over the winter months, we will be able to cook up some hot meals while working on the yacht. As you can see the cooker is there, it needed to be connected up to a gas bottle and tested.

Here is the mast before the rigging was put back on earlier on in the year, All that has to be done now is put the last of the running rigging and it can go back up on the yacht.

The mast will get the rest of its running rigging fitted this week, so that it can be fitted shortly and the standing rigging can be set up.

Another job will be to sort the electrics for the engine charging and also to fit the second GPS station wiring so that the GPS can be used in two positions while on passage.

If it is possible finish off painting the decks and sorting the corners of the cabin sides to be able to finish them off.

The restoration of Mai-Star II is coming along well. with many of the major jobs out of the way.

July 10, 2015

Finally got the front of the boat emptied of the bits that have been needed while the main part of the refit has been going on. Now that the main part is do or almost done the front of the boat can have the repainting it needs without anything being in the way.

 Cleaning out the bilge area so that it can get a fresh coat of bilge paint and the last of the copper nails can be clinched up and the rib job can be finally tick off the refit list.

 A great of bilge paint needed here to cover up the bare patch and give it at least three coats of bilge paint before the new ballast is fitted later after the boat is re-launched to being it down to its lines.

Another job that needed doing was to paint the floorboards with bilge paint on the bottoms of the boards and then anti-slip paint on the top.

The cabin floorboards after three coats of anti-slip paint ready for them going back into the boat when the painting of the cabin is complete.

A start as been made on painting the bilge area of the cockpit so that the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted so that the new cockpit seats can be made and the cockpit coamings can be made and fitted.

A bit of painting to be done in the cockpit, but once done it will be lighter in the cockpit and the lockers that will build into the areas under the seats and the decks for storage of items needed in the cockpit and on deck.

The cabin/cockpit bulkheads getting a fresh coat of undercoat ready for its final two coats of white gloss.

Aft looking view of the cockpit sides showing in a better shape after a fresh coat of paint as been applied.

First coat of Mediterranean White gloss on the hull just two more to go before this is finished and the toe rails and rubbing strakes can be varnished and the cabin sides are varnished and the cabin roof is sealed under a layer of epoxy resin and matting and a coat of anti-slip paint.

In the back ground is the boat’s mast getting its second coat of varnish, so that job is coming along well along side the work in the boat.

A busy week ahead on the restoration of Mai-Star II

June 26, 2015

Now that the major jobs are do, apart from the odd nail or two in a few places. It is now time to get on with some of the smaller jobs which have been on the back burner fro a while. One being the painting of the inside of the boat from deckhead to keel and every place in between.

One of the last big jobs to do is the rebuilding of the cockpit, but after the other major jobs on the boat it is a much smaller job to do. However, no less a challenge to do as to make the best use of the space available it which to put all the equipment needed in the cockpit and make the storage work well.

Next week it will time to continue to fill the topside hull seams and repaint the hull with more primer to go over the newly filled seams before painting the hull with its undercoat and fill and fair the hull before glossing it.

Then it will be time to make a start on caulking and filling the seams in the bottom also fitting the rest of the hardwood plugs in the old nail holes from the sister ribs that were taken out when the new ribs were fitted to replace the original broken ribs and there was no need to have the sister ribs there anymore.

At the same time the apprentice will be varnishing the toe rails and cabin sides  and helping me with some of the two man jobs that I need a extra pair of hands to do. So all in all a busy week ahead,