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An Enterpise Dinghy in the Workshop for some TLC

March 5, 2017

An Enterprise in need of a good bit of restoration and a good drying out before it can get re-varnishing on the decks and inside before it can get refitted

The decks need a good rubbing down and re-varnishing

The port front spray rail needs to befitted and the deck fittings will be complete

Now that it is in the workshop and out of the weather then work can re-start on the Enterprise


Making and shaping the outboard pad and reinforcement battens and centre keel reinforcement batten.

November 29, 2016

Making and shaping the internal after of the outboard pad

Making and shaping the bilge keel reinforcement wooden battens

Making and shaping the centre keel reinforcement and then holding them down into position

Good to be back on the restoration of Mai- Star II

August 1, 2015

After a bit of a lay off due to a bad leg injury, it is good to be back working on the Yacht Mai-Star II and getting the work done on her to get her back in the water. Much of the major work is now done so it is a matter of getting the smaller ticker jobs done that take so much time to get done. These jobs are exciting as they are challenging and are rewarding when they are done. So next week will see the start of a number of these jobs.