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Removing the fore deck to renew the broken deck beams and carlins

August 14, 2016

Marking out the areas between the deck beams so not to cut them while removing the deck

More marking out

One major bit to remove from the fore deck,so to gain access to the two damaged deck beams below

Steel knee put in sometime in the past to connect the deck beams to the grown frames

This is the port side deck to hull steel knee before the deck is removed

Most of the foredeck is off now, just a small area beside the forehatch area to the cabin front left to remove.


A boat builder’s holiday job working on his own yacht.

May 30, 2016

Rubbing down the starboard side of the hull ready for a fresh coat of primer


Then the port side of the hull a bit heavy going, but got it flat in the end


Rubbed down the main damaged paint work amidships where it was rubbed off in the winter


The first side getting its first coat of yacht primer and when dried start the spot filling of the hull



The colour change is like chalk and cheese


Finally all one colour and the spot filling can begin once the primer is dry.

Redesigning the forehatch

January 24, 2016

The old forehatch was getting a bit passed its useful life and was in need of renewing and it was no longer fit for purpose. So it was removed which took some work as it was well fixed to the deck. However, it did in the end part with the deck.

The four pieces of the lower part of the forehatch were temporary fixed together to make up the shape which is going to be used as a jig to build the new forehatch so that the inside measurement can be used again, although the outside measurements are going to be different as the forehatch upstands are going to be thicker than before, so a lip can be made up to stop the water from coming through the joint in the hatch when it is closed.

The design of the upstands for the forehatch so that the water can not pass through the joint when the forehatch is closed while at sea in rough weather and water coming over the fore deck.

A chance to get out on the river after all the hard that has been over the past few months

November 28, 2015

The first time in over three years the yacht has been out on the river and under this bridge.

Going down the river towards the sea, it hears it calling it back again

good to be back out on the river even if it is a little on the chilly side.

Time to head for home port and get back to work.

Varnishing and other jobs getting done with the weather against us

November 19, 2015

Finished varnish work put in to storage for the winter so that the varnish can get a chance to harden off over the winter before getting their final coats in the spring when they are refitted to their various boats.

More varnishing to bits that are going to get refitted to various boats next spring

Two new storage items for equipment for a client’s yacht so that it will make it easier to use the equipment at sea

New oak cleats made from a pattern of an old cleat that a client had on his yacht and that he needed replacement cleats made from to match the ones on the yacht.

The first of five cut out of seasoned oak

Five new oak cleat blanks cut and now ready to shape to size.

Bench work on making new equipment boxes and making a start on the cockpit coamings.

November 16, 2015

The finished binocular box, now ready to get varnished before its fitted to the yacht when it is finished

The first part of the cockpit coamings to be dry fitted to the cockpit carlins, just two more sides to go.

The second cockpit coaming started to be fitted.

The second cockpit coaming fitted, now just needs to be cramped and screwed in place after the back coaming has its joints made and the front blocks are made to connect it to the cabin sides.

Busy week ahead for the boat building crew

November 9, 2015

Now with a what is looking like a settled weather week ahead, we should be able to get some of the outside jobs done.One job especially on Mai-Star II, its cockpit coamings are ready to make to fit.

Also the cooker area needed to be sorted, so that over the winter months, we will be able to cook up some hot meals while working on the yacht. As you can see the cooker is there, it needed to be connected up to a gas bottle and tested.

Here is the mast before the rigging was put back on earlier on in the year, All that has to be done now is put the last of the running rigging and it can go back up on the yacht.

The mast will get the rest of its running rigging fitted this week, so that it can be fitted shortly and the standing rigging can be set up.

Another job will be to sort the electrics for the engine charging and also to fit the second GPS station wiring so that the GPS can be used in two positions while on passage.

If it is possible finish off painting the decks and sorting the corners of the cabin sides to be able to finish them off.

Afloat at last after two and a half years ashore

September 27, 2015

Antifouling done ready to launch

First time in water

at its mooring for the winter while the rest of the work is done on the yacht to make it ready for next season

Yacht sitting a little bit above on its lines before the mast and interior ballast is fitted.

At last some of the jobs are coming to an end and the launch date as been set.

August 8, 2015

At last some of the jobs are coming to an end on some parts of the yacht. So that the major jobs appear to be behind us now. It is the smaller jobs are going to take the time to get through. However,with two or more of us getting some of the jobs done it will be easier to get to our launch date of a month from now. Although the yacht will not be in a sailing condition it will be afloat and the hull can have a chance to start to take up over the coming months before the winter gets here.

The first time the yacht when in the water it when deep six as the planking was some dry it took a long time for the planking to take up. This time we will help it along the way by wetting out the lower planking with a hose pipe with holes in it to spray the inside of the lower planking to give it a chance to swell before putting her back in the water and stop her from going the same way as before.

The main jobs for the coming week is to lay a new cockpit sole and make the cockpit seats and start to make the coaming fit the cockpit side decks, another job to get on with is to paint out the fore peak of the yacht and re-fit the chain locker bulkhead and paint out the forward bilge area.

Once the hull as had it’s final coat of white gloss for the year, then the Rubbing Stakes can be made a start on and then they can be varnished as well a the cabin sides at the same time. Then the last of the major jobs can be finished off the covering of the cabin roof and the hand rails and the sliding hatch can be fitted.

While the outside is being done the is a far bit of work to be done on the inside with varnish brushes and masking tape as other jobs need to be done in there at the same time.

So all in all a busy time now between now and the launch date.



The refit is getting there a bit at a time, but its getting there all the same.

July 30, 2015

The aft end floorboard being given its first fresh coat of deck paint and the step its first coat of undercoat.

The forward floorboard getting its second coat of deck paint.

The gaps in the planking is down to a warm period of weather and the fact the hull is built out of larch and will take up once its back in the water when the refit is finished.

The cooker area getting a fresh coat of undercoat before the whole area is lined out before the cooker is refitted.

The aft end of the cabin getting a fresh coat of paint before all the masking tape is removed and the hardwood is rubbed down and the hardwood is varnished as well as the other hardwood trims.

The back of the chain locker bulkhead getting its second coat of bilge paint, just a couple more coats before it is refitted.

The cockpit getting it’s first coat of white gloss, just a couple more and the bilge paint edge can be finished off and the refit of the cockpit can begin.