New project for the coming months

February 26, 2017

A Finesse 24 in need of a total restoration from the keel up

First job was to harden up a few loose nails in a few ribs in the aft end of the yacht around the engine bed area and the surrounding area

A split plank that needs replacing

The old ribs with the sister ribs nailed in beside the old ribs by another boat builder before I got on to the job

A total cockpit rebuild from making new floor bearers

To cockpit bulkheads and seats and floor boards

Refitting a rudder fitting using a traditional method of fixing the fitting to the rudder blade

February 26, 2017

Making traditional copper fixings to fit rudder fitting to rudder.

Fitting the first of copper fixings

Half of the fixing made and ready to fix to the rudder fitting

All of the fixing cliched up and rudder fitting fixed in position and now getting a coat of underwater primer before fixing the rudder back on the yacht

Refitting steel frames in the 1960’s Ketch

February 17, 2017

The empty bilge area ready to have the water tank re-instated after the steel frames are fitted

The steel frames fitted and now ready to fit the water tank over the top of the newly fitted frames

The water tank ready to go back in position

Fitting replacement planks to a 1930’s yacht

February 16, 2017

The hole before the hull was painted and cleared up ready to fit the new plank

Starting to fit the new plank and fitting into the hole a planing off a little at a time to ensure it fits correctly in the space between the planks

Fixed in place with a mixture of copper nails and bronze screws

Finished plank now painted with primer and ready to be caulked with caulking cotton and sealed with linseed oil putty

The rudder getting its final coats of primer before it goes back on the transom of the yacht.

Tomorrow job is to fit the planks on the port side

A few more jobs on the 1960’s ketch

January 13, 2017

Clean bilge area ready to refit the steel keel braces

The apprentice sanding down the underside of the fore deck

Fitting veneers to the top of the transom to replace the old split veneers

Sorting out the decks

January 7, 2017

Before we made a start on the sanding of the deck the cabin area had to be sheeted up to stop any dust from going down below.

Then the decks had to cleared of any loose items and then get out the orbital sander and finger motor sander to get where the other sander could not get in around any deck fittings

The biggest job was sanding level the new repairs with the old deck covering and making level

After the decks are sanded then we have to fit quadrant around the cabin sides and make fancy end pieces to join the different lengths of quadrant together.

anf make an odd angled piece to go along the edge of the deck covering to the face of the transom to ensure the transom to deck covering joint is watertight.

Deck repairs to a 1960’s wooden ketch

January 6, 2017

Cutting the rotten gunwales and a small repair to forward deck beam.

Fitting the sub deck

Fitting the gunwale grading pieces

Gluing and screwing in sub deck

Refitting the stemhead fitting after fitting a spacer panel to the back of the stem

Foredeck area epoxied and matted over to make it watertight

Fitting a grading to the hood end

Fitting grading piece to edge of deck

Fitting the inter panel to protect the area of the toe rail under the fair leads

The job on the foredeck completed

A lot of work still ahead as there are a number of jobs still to do

More work done the Little Mai dinghy over the Christmas break

December 31, 2016

All the glassing done inside the dinghy apart from the centre thwart seat blooks


Now ready to be flow coated

Flow coated and the stern seat in position ready to glass in position

The bow seat glass work now flow coated and ready for the inspection hatch to be fitted and the hardwood strips to be fitted on the top

Glassing in the keel backing pads

December 16, 2016

Starting to glass in the backing pads

The whole of the backing pads glass over with two layers of 2 oz CSM

looking forward to the bow seat / buoyancy tank all we have do now is glass in the stern seat / buoyancy tank. Then fit the centre seat blocks and then lift it out of the mould to fit the inwales and gunwales.

Making and shaping the outboard pad and reinforcement battens and centre keel reinforcement batten.

November 29, 2016

Making and shaping the internal after of the outboard pad

Making and shaping the bilge keel reinforcement wooden battens

Making and shaping the centre keel reinforcement and then holding them down into position