Getting the final few jobs done

September 24, 2017

The final bit of filling and fairing getting done to the hull of the dinghy

Then its second coat of interprotect epoxy primer

Then is first coat of undercoat, which was followed by a second coat

Then finally a couple of coats of White Gloss

Then getting ready to fit the edge trims to the foredeck

Now they are all fitted it was time to give the brightwork its last coat of varnish

New transom pad for the outboard to finish off the stern


Sorting out the outside of the hull

September 24, 2017

Masking up the hull and then sanding the shiney surface so it is keyed up ready to paint the hull with epoxy primer

The hull all sanded ready for the primer to be applied

TRhe getting its first coat of primer

The underwater surfaces getting their underwater primer coat

The aft seat getting its last ubt one coat of varnish

The foredeck trims getting their last few coats of varnish

The bottom getting a fresh coat of antifouling paint

Fibreglassing in bulkheads for back seat and transom pad

September 24, 2017

The first layers of glass fibre matting to hold in position.

Once it as cured then can glass up to the top of the bulkhead.

Glassing the  edges to the hull when this is cured then glass over the whole of the pad

Covering the foredeck with epoxy and matting

Just got to glass over the whole of the pad and glass over the top edge to seal the pad from the weather.

 Glassed In the aft bulkhead

Restoration project update

September 24, 2017

Foredeck now glued and screwed down and ready to be covered with epoxy and matting

Forward end now sorted ready for painting apart from fixing the thwart knees in position

The thwart knees in position with nails through the rubbing strake and gunwale and screwed up through the thwart to tie it all together

Gluing the transom pad to the outer skin of the hull and when cured will be glassed over with matting and resin

Fitting the aft seat bulkhead in position ready to glass in at the same time as the transom pad

The bulkhead cut down to the correct height for the aft seat to rest on when all the glassing is done

Restoration of an old tried dinghy back to a dinghy as good as new

September 24, 2017

Fitting new gunwales and rubbing strakes

One piece inside and outside steamed into position

When cooled down then rivetted together using copper nails and roves

Fitting a new foredeck to give the new owner some where to put his gear and personal belonging out of the weather it it rains

Breathing new life into an old dinghy

September 24, 2017

The bare empty shell

The GRP works dinghy getting a new transom pad dry fitted to strengthen up the transom to put a larger outboard on for towing boats around

Inside view of the size of the plywood transom pad and just got to fix in position with free-fix and then glass over with several layers of CSM and resin to give it a good strong tyransom

Working on the works dinghy giving it a bit of TLC before putting it back to work

A busy day getting the Mai-Star Class dinghy off its building stocks and getting on with the outside of the hull.

September 10, 2017

Got the rubbing strakes and seat stringers planned down to size ready to finish off the edges before fixing them on the dinghy top strake when the hull as been finish being painted and varnished.

The hull finally turned over and ready paint and fix the bilge keels and cut the centreboard case slot.

Giving the Hull a quick sanding and cleaning up ready to paint its first coat of primer

First coat of yacht primer on the hull now it is time to cut the centreboard slot and fit the bilge keels and then continue the painting of the hull

Fitting the quarter knees on the Works dinghy and giving the Mai Star Class its second coat of yacht primer

A matter of a few days and a tranformation of the works dinghy and a few more jobs to be done and off to a new home.

September 10, 2017

Transom pad all glassed in and ready to be flowcoated

All the new fibreglass coated with flowcoat

All looking a lot better than a few weeks ago

Then it was painted with interprotect primer

Just marking out the position for the aft seat

The hull sanded down ready to paint out the inside of the hull

All done when it is dried then the floor area can be painted with non slip paint

The foredeck painted with primer and then grey non slip deck paint

The rubbing strakes getting their first coat of varnish

Busy Friday in the workshop with a number of projects underway and progressing well

September 10, 2017

Getting on with work on the Shetland  family four cruiser

Both the dinghies coming along well with in their different ways, one getting its bulkheads glassed in and the other getting painted.

The old dinghy getting its old seats removed and the areas cleaned up ready to get the new seat moulded.

Aft seat came out easily enough and found the reason for the leak and then locker was filled with polystyrene foam to keep leak at bay

Blank area to work with so the seats can go in the correct position and be able to be used as buoyancy areas

The foredeck all finished, just needs epoxy primer coated and the deck paint and the trims fitted

The bulkhead and transom pad all flowcoated ready to be painted over with grey paint

Once this is all painted on the inside the outside can be painted and the varnishing can be done and the boat will be delivered to its new owner.

A number of dinghies in the workshop for work from new builds to restorations

September 10, 2017

On The Mai-Star Class dinghy starting to coat the inside with white undercoat

One side done

The whole of the inside done, just a few more coats of paint and the inside will be finished

The Little Mai dinghy getting the hull cleaned off of the old paint

Then a good sanding down before painting with epoxy primer

First coat of epoxy primer, now start the filling and fairing the bottom and repairing the back end of the keel



The back of the dinghy needs the repairs doing and then the hull can start to be painted in its new livery

The transom pad now glassed in position and ready to be flow coated and the seat battens can be made and the seat an be screwed down in position

The seat being placed in position just needs the battens making and another can be taken off the refit list

The foredeck getting coated in epoxy and matting and then trimmed before being coated with epoxy primer and deck painted and the foredeck fitting refitting in position