Removing a old hull out of its mould and fiting out the restoration 8ft dinghy

October 8, 2017

Removing matting from the where the bow seat was to make the moulding flex enough to move out of the mould

Doing the same to the aft seat area and taking out wood in the keel area

Leveling up the dinghy in the cradle to ensure the seats get glassed in level

Glassing in the reinforcement plywood for aft seat

Trimming the bow seat moulding to fit the inside of the hull

Glassing in the transom pad to strengthen up the transom of the dinghy to take a reasonable size outboard motor should one be fitted by its new owner

Ensuring the dinghy stays level while glassing in  the bow and aft seats.


working on Yacht Norma Deadwood and restoring another 8ft dinghy

October 8, 2017

Marking out and cutting across the plank to make it easier to remove

The aft bolt still in postion and the copper nails still inposition as these have been nailed and roved in position so they can not be removed without cutting them out.

a close up of same area

Grinding back the area for the front seat to be glassed into position

The transom sanded down to make it flat and smooth.

Relaunch day and yacht back on its mooring

September 24, 2017

Once all the work was done its was time to relaunch the yacht

Slings round the yacht as it was made ready to be hoisted up by the crane and put back in the water

Back in the water  and time to check for leaks

Back on its mooring and getting ready to fit the internal ballast and get the mast refitted and set up before going for a trial sail

The painting getting done and getting finished

September 24, 2017

The whole of the hull now primed ready for painting the next coats of paint on

Several coats of white undercoat later

Then the first coat ivory gloss was applied

Then after the gloss was finished it was time to apply the antifouling paint

Getting the smaller parts of the refit sorted out

September 24, 2017

Hull all primed up and the made to look invisible

At the same time as the hull was getting repainted after being stripped of old its old paint and its worn out lower rudder fitting

The new rudder fitting fitted to the rudder blade and a good fit  on the keel fitting

The first coat of white undercoat applied and sanded down the high spots and this was done until the hull looked smooth and fair.

Getting the rotten planks getting replaced

September 24, 2017

Apart from the rotten top plank on the port side the only other plank was one plank which was in the bow on the starboard side

It was a long length of plank on the port side that when from the stem to the cockpit

First part of the plank in position

While the planks were replaced and fitted it was time to get at least one coat of yacht primer on the topsides

A small restoration project on a 1930’s yacht

September 24, 2017

At first glance the yacht looked OK, it was not until you closer that the work showed itself.

The lower rudder fitting was worn out

The top plank was rotten in several places, one place was between the chainplates

Another being on the stem and a few places in between

So it was discussed that in order to find out if anymore was in the hull it should be all burned off from top strake to keel both sides of the yacht

The next restoration project underway

September 24, 2017

The dinghy as been stripped out and the keel areas have been cleared up and the first of the hardwood fillets as been glassed into position

The whole of the keel recess as been filled up with a hardwood fillet and CSM matting and resin

A brace is being used to push the wooden fillet down so it fits the shape of the keel recess

The seat patterns are put into position to make sure the hull is keyed up in the correct place

Patterns made up for the transom pad and the quarter knees and the breasthook, so they can be made over and over again and cuts down on making patterns every time we make or restore an 8 ft dinghy in the future.

Finally ready for delivery to its new owner

September 24, 2017

The dinghy that started off as an unloved dinghy as now been restored to a loving dinghy to give its new owners many years.

Looking good from all angles

Fitting well on its launching tollery so it is ready to go

Getting the final few jobs done

September 24, 2017

The final bit of filling and fairing getting done to the hull of the dinghy

Then its second coat of interprotect epoxy primer

Then is first coat of undercoat, which was followed by a second coat

Then finally a couple of coats of White Gloss

Then getting ready to fit the edge trims to the foredeck

Now they are all fitted it was time to give the brightwork its last coat of varnish

New transom pad for the outboard to finish off the stern