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Making stern tube spacers to cut the new stern tube hole once the shaft log is refixed in the yacht.

February 18, 2018

Making stern tube spacers so that the extend drill bit will run true through the new shaft log when it is fitted in yacht

Drilling the ends in the spacers, so it is ready to drill the new shaft log with the extended drill bit and the hole saw cutter


More on the shaft log and getting it ready to fit into the yacht.

February 18, 2018

Finally got round to making a chisel rack in the workshop at the back of one of the work benches in the workshop

Getting out my old gent saw to making the clear edges of the rib notches

One side of the shaft log rib notches also finished

Working on a wooden yacht’s shaft log which has needed replacing after 70 years

February 18, 2018

Having cleared up the old shaft log, now time to take the measurements off the bottom of the old shaft log and transfer the measurements to the new shaft log

Transferring the measurements to the new shaft log     


Now time cut the rib positions out of the new shaft log, so the next time I get on the yacht can start to fit the shaft log to the hog/keel


Boat movement friday and then all change in the workshop rerady for the next run of boats coming into the yard over the coming months

February 18, 2018

The Shetland family four is now been moved to the other side of the workshop ready for the brokerage photos then off to the Yacht Brokers to be put on their yard

Looking a lot better than when it came into the yard and is now ready for its new owners this spring

The Hardy Navigator now in the place where the Shetland Family Four was, Now it is time for this to get its refit ready for the new season and for its work as a family cruising boat.

Removing a old hull out of its mould and fiting out the restoration 8ft dinghy

October 8, 2017

Removing matting from the where the bow seat was to make the moulding flex enough to move out of the mould

Doing the same to the aft seat area and taking out wood in the keel area

Leveling up the dinghy in the cradle to ensure the seats get glassed in level

Glassing in the reinforcement plywood for aft seat

Trimming the bow seat moulding to fit the inside of the hull

Glassing in the transom pad to strengthen up the transom of the dinghy to take a reasonable size outboard motor should one be fitted by its new owner

Ensuring the dinghy stays level while glassing in  the bow and aft seats.

working on Yacht Norma Deadwood and restoring another 8ft dinghy

October 8, 2017

Marking out and cutting across the plank to make it easier to remove

The aft bolt still in postion and the copper nails still inposition as these have been nailed and roved in position so they can not be removed without cutting them out.

a close up of same area

Grinding back the area for the front seat to be glassed into position

The transom sanded down to make it flat and smooth.

A busy day in the workshop with boat movements and new projects underway

April 29, 2017

All change in the workshop, out with the Enterprise

in with a couple of small dinghies for work, one for repairs and the other dinghy to be fitted out

The outboard as been serviced and just need a new fuel line and the returned to its owner for him to use it for trawling along at slow speed

The Hardy Navigator table and cabin doors and hatch getting their final coats of varnish

The 8ft dinghy in its mould ready to be removed and fitted out

Another 8ft dinghy in for repairs to its transom where the wooden trim which as come off when it was last out sailing

The Enterprise is out in the yard while the small dinghies are being worked on before coming back in to be finished off

Another 8ft dinghy which as been brought in for a restoration by the company’s second apprentice under the watchful eye of the boss

Total cockpit overhaul needed on the yacht

February 28, 2017

The cabin bulkhead is in the worse condition and will need the most work on

The aft bulkhead is a lot smaller and should not be as larger job as the front, however, smaller areas can cause their problems

One of the first jobs is to remove all the equipment that is the way to gain access to the bulkheads and to the cockpit coamings that have to be removed to be able to remove the old rotten wood.

One side is already clear of obstructions

While the other side as yet to be started on

Side on view

A view looking forward a mess of wiring to be removed and labelled up

Re-decking traditional yacht

February 26, 2017

The deck beams are sound as is the carlins and the gunwales

The deck have quite a curve on them and quite a camber so it should be quite a challenge

Just got to do a good bit of vacuuming up to get rid of months of dust and other mess

Good bit of cleaning up to be done before the plywood deck is re-laid.

New project for the coming months

February 26, 2017

A Finesse 24 in need of a total restoration from the keel up

First job was to harden up a few loose nails in a few ribs in the aft end of the yacht around the engine bed area and the surrounding area

A split plank that needs replacing

The old ribs with the sister ribs nailed in beside the old ribs by another boat builder before I got on to the job

A total cockpit rebuild from making new floor bearers

To cockpit bulkheads and seats and floor boards