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The interior is having a redesigning as well

February 16, 2019

The inside is going to be completed emptied of it woodwork and new design to fit in with the owners plans for the yacht be after its refit

A mess now, however after a good clean up and emptying of all the old woodwork in will be a far better place to work and sail in on the long voyages this yacht is going to go on when the work is completed


Deck work refit Part two

February 16, 2019

The deck fittings on the upper deck are in need of removal as these are past their best as well and in some cases missing of broken

one of the major tasks is to remove the chain plates on this yacht which is a big job as these are glassed into the hull below the decks

A new mast step will have to be fashioned and made to fit the new sail management system the owner wish to employ on his yacht

The spray hood rails and the sliding hatch are all going to have new wood trims and a new set of washboards made.

The deck fittings are going to be complete renewed and improved to make using them easier

February 16, 2019

The decks are a complete mess and the first job for the Team is to clear the mast off the yacht and put it in the roof space of the workshop and then give the deck a god pressure washing to clean the decks up so the we can see where to start.

The owner as asked for all the deck fittings to be removed and the decks made good

All the old deck hardware to be renewed with up to date equipment and to be easily maintained when away from anywhere.

All the deck covering such as Treadmaster is to be removed and new covering to be put down in its place

One of the other jobs to get on with is the cockpit drains as these appear to be blocked and needs sort ASAP

Morgan Giles 30 project yacht refit

February 16, 2019

The bottom of the hull is now clear of all the oyster and other shells that had become attached to the bottom and now a better inspection of bottom  can take place and see what as to be done to sort it out.

The bottom looks is reasonable condition  considering the condition in which the yacht was before it came to our yard

There are a few areas that need a closer inspection and may need extra attention

All the skin fittings are going to be removed and replaced as they well past their life span and would be changed in any case.

The hull anode is going to come off and a new anode bolt as well as the anode and check the earthing of the anode and the rest of the underwater fittings.

The Finesse 21 all finished and on transport back to go afloat

February 9, 2019

The Mast lowered and ready to load on to transport

The Finesse 21 loaded on to transport outside our yard and ready to strap down on to the transport

Now at the boatyard from where she was picked up and now returned to for antifouling and rigging and re-launching

Jasmine all finished and ready to go home to her owners sailing club

February 9, 2019

Jasmine now ready to go home to her owner’s sailing club next week

A major amount of work done this time with some more ribs and a new outer keel and the centreboard case removed and re-sealed and the mast support renewed.

The owner hope to sail her in the spring when it gets warmer and there is more time in the evening to go sailing after work.

The mock-up of the helmsman seats is now done and have been put in place in the cockpit, now have to make up the foot rests to put on the front of the boxes which are having to be mocked-up to the original design when they were made by Hardy Marine when these boxes were original made as an option for this boat.

The Finesse 21 ready to get its sheathed

January 1, 2019

The final sanding and fairing done and now ready to put the matting on to seal the decks

All the outer edges have had a radius put on them so that the matting will go over the edge and lay down on to the top plank and when the rubbing strake is screwed and sealed down will make a seal for the outer edge

When the quadrants are fitted the inner edge will be sealed, so the only holes in the deck this time are going to be the deck fillers for the fuel and water and the genoa tracks, the mainsheet horse and the backstay fittings on the aft deck so cutting down the chance of deck leaks from any through deck fittings.

The Finesse 21 in the workshop and ready to get the old decks off and have a new deck fitted.

November 22, 2018

The Finesse 21 is now in the workshop and ready to have its deck removed and relaid.

Just needs to dry out a bit so the that the sub deck and beams have a chance to dry out before fixing the new deck on to the deck beams

While it is the workshop it will be getting a fresh coat of paint and varnish.

First stage of getting the next boat into the workshop

November 22, 2018

Getting ready to get the mast off

cleaning up the run into the workshop so that the planks can be put on the ground ready to lift the boat on to the planks and the steel roller to push her into the workshop

Setting out the planks and rollers so it can be push along on the ground

The mast off the boat and in the roof space while the work is done on the boat while it is in the workshop.

Empty workshop but not for long,

November 22, 2018

Now it is time to have a major clean up ready for the next job  to come into the workshop, it is another re-decking job on a yacht.

In the meantime the work on the outer keel section for the Halcyon dinghy continues while the dinghy is outside while we get the next boat in the workshop to start work on over the next couple of weeks

Start of the clean up of the workshop