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The Finesse 21 in the workshop and ready to get the old decks off and have a new deck fitted.

November 22, 2018

The Finesse 21 is now in the workshop and ready to have its deck removed and relaid.

Just needs to dry out a bit so the that the sub deck and beams have a chance to dry out before fixing the new deck on to the deck beams

While it is the workshop it will be getting a fresh coat of paint and varnish.


First stage of getting the next boat into the workshop

November 22, 2018

Getting ready to get the mast off

cleaning up the run into the workshop so that the planks can be put on the ground ready to lift the boat on to the planks and the steel roller to push her into the workshop

Setting out the planks and rollers so it can be push along on the ground

The mast off the boat and in the roof space while the work is done on the boat while it is in the workshop.

Empty workshop but not for long,

November 22, 2018

Now it is time to have a major clean up ready for the next job  to come into the workshop, it is another re-decking job on a yacht.

In the meantime the work on the outer keel section for the Halcyon dinghy continues while the dinghy is outside while we get the next boat in the workshop to start work on over the next couple of weeks

Start of the clean up of the workshop

Painting the cockpit lockers and other work on the Hardy 25

November 22, 2018

The undersides of the locker lids getting their first coats of primer before being painted and then they will be edged while hardwood to protect the edges of the plywood.

 The fixed parts will be getting the same edging done to them as well

The shelf fiddles getting re-varnished after being cleaned up and the old varnish removed.

The foredeck covered over to keep the rain and weather off the deck area and stop water getting into the chain locker bulkhead.

Custom shower plug making

November 22, 2018

The custom shower tray is now getting its first coat of black gelcoat so that it can be rubbed down to make the plug to make the shower tray.

A lot of hard work, however the end result will be worth it in the end when the shower tray is fitted in the boat.

Cockpit work on the Hardy 25

November 22, 2018

The mock up of the helmsman seat to gauge it correct height and position from the steering wheel and engine controls. Now that it is made the measurements can be taken off and made out of teak faced marine plywood.

The first coat of flow coat put on the aft bulkhead and the hull. Once it is coated again it will the teak faced plywood bulkheads covered in Formica so the compartment can be used as a shower and toilet compartment.

The next job is the cockpit is going to be the aft locker lids which need edging with mahogany and fixing down in position ready to be covered with the same covering as the floor.

Sorting out the cockpit wiring and setting up the consuls for the new equipment

November 22, 2018

Most of today was spent wiring up old systems and checking wiring circuits to see which systems were working and which were not and checking the reasons why and re-running new wire through parts of the boat which needed doing  where the old wiring had past it being able to run correctly.

The rest of the day was spent running new wiring through the boat for new equipment which is being fitted to the boat, such as wind speed and direction system and forward viewing sonar/ fish finder and a new VHF radio with builtin GPS. Then on top of that a TV for the owner children to watch when they are moored up for the night. A other new addition to the boat is a large solar panel to keep the batteries topped up and finally a shower in the toilet compartment  which will be heated by both the engine when away from the shore power and can be heated by shore power when in marinas.

So tomorrow it is going to be another day of sorting and fitting new and old systems and getting the systems to talk to each other where the systems are set up too.

The steering and instrument consoles on the Hardy 25 are coming together and looking a better setup.

August 25, 2018

The new upper console in position without the new instruments in position, it is however fixed in position

The new instruments in position just need wiring up to the switch panel and the circuit testing to ensure the system is working correctly.

The lower console temporarily in position while the rest of the wiring is re-connected and then the console will be permanently fitted back in position, then the steering system will be re-made and connected up.

A lot of the work today as been behind the two consoles, so although it looks like very little as been done there as been a lot of wires re-routed through the boat and new wires run through the boat for new equipment to be fitted next week.

Work on a 35 year old Hardy 2, bring up to date.

August 25, 2018

The old dashboard was a patch work of different instruments that had been added on over the years and now is it going to be a dashboard that is easier to use.

Now the dashboard is more simply laid out it will be easier to read the instrument and be more able to be used by the helmsman.

Replacing a spilt plank and the bilge stringer

August 25, 2018

Using the old plank as a rough pattern to make the new plank after taking off the necessary measurements

The new bilge stringer beside the old bilge stringer to be cut to length and fitted after the plank is fitted and nailed into position

First fitting of the new plank into positionto check angles and length of joints.