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The steering and instrument consoles on the Hardy 25 are coming together and looking a better setup.

August 25, 2018

The new upper console in position without the new instruments in position, it is however fixed in position

The new instruments in position just need wiring up to the switch panel and the circuit testing to ensure the system is working correctly.

The lower console temporarily in position while the rest of the wiring is re-connected and then the console will be permanently fitted back in position, then the steering system will be re-made and connected up.

A lot of the work today as been behind the two consoles, so although it looks like very little as been done there as been a lot of wires re-routed through the boat and new wires run through the boat for new equipment to be fitted next week.


Work on a 35 year old Hardy 2, bring up to date.

August 25, 2018

The old dashboard was a patch work of different instruments that had been added on over the years and now is it going to be a dashboard that is easier to use.

Now the dashboard is more simply laid out it will be easier to read the instrument and be more able to be used by the helmsman.

Replacing a spilt plank and the bilge stringer

August 25, 2018

Using the old plank as a rough pattern to make the new plank after taking off the necessary measurements

The new bilge stringer beside the old bilge stringer to be cut to length and fitted after the plank is fitted and nailed into position

First fitting of the new plank into positionto check angles and length of joints.

The marine plywood deck all glued down and ready to trim the edges.

August 25, 2018

The final two fore deck sections are glued down and it is now time to trim back the sections glued down yesterday and then end up with the two sections glued down this morning

Looking a lot better than a few weeks ago when the yacht had no deck on or any paint on the hull, so the whole job is coming along well at the moment.

Now got to sort the deck for sheathing it over once it is trimmed back

Finally all the outside edges of the decks are trimmed and planed to the correct angle of the plank to deck edge so that the rubbing strakes will sit against the hull when the deck is sheathed.

The line is now true and fair round the hull which is the way it should be

That is one job that as been a long and at times difficult, however the end result is well worth the challenge.

The jigsaw of panels that make up the deck panels

August 25, 2018

The final piece of plywood deck and now it is a matter of trimming it and fitting it down with glue and screws

a neat fitting round the Samson post

The deck are now ready to be trimmed and fitted and then the second layer of deck can be fitted.

The deck on this Finesse 24 is now starting to go back on

August 25, 2018

The deck is now taking shape with the first layer of deck being dry fitted and all the fixing holes drilled and countersunk so that when it is all fitted it will be just a matter of putting glue on the deck beams and screwing and fixing the deck down and making the second layer with offset joints to go over the first layer to make a watertight deck.

fixing down the starboard deck as far as the cabin front

Trimming and fitting the port deck ready to frill and temporary fix in place

Looking make like a yacht again with new decks

Fitting extra deck beams into the aft deck area of the 45 year old Finesse to strengthen up the deck area on the aft deck of this yacht.

June 26, 2018

Fitting plank deck beams to support new marine plywood deck as area was unsupported before and this way the plywood deck covering will be well supported with the extra deck beams in position

The new plank deck beams have been set into the original deck beams so that the loading on the deck beams will be spread across the whole area and not just on the edges as before

Custom shower plug making

June 26, 2018

The custom shower tray is now getting its first coat of black gelcoat so that it can be rubbed down to make the plug to make the shower tray.

A lot of hard work, however the end result will be worth it in the end when the shower tray is fitted in the boat.

Getting the noggins planned off ready to fit the new deck when the marine plywood arrives

June 26, 2018

All the noggins are now glued and screwed in position and now ready to take the power planner to the excess

Trestles planks at the right  height for me to work at to do the job

The starboard side getting the treatment first

Just another forty feet to go until I get to the other end

Work on the deck beams and side deck beams to get the deck beams ready to lay the new deck

June 26, 2018

The fore deck beams are now cleaned off of all the old glue and bit of old plywood, however before the new deck goes back on the owner wishes to fit a plank plank between the breast hook and the front of the cabin to support the Samson post and the pressure put on it by the lateral support of the bowsprit.

The side decks now cleaned off and now ready to fill in the gaps between the sheer plank and gunwale

The aft deck beam in need of a bit of work to get it in to position that it will be usable or need for it to be replaced.