The work on the refit has come to a halt for the moment as the boatbuilder is recovering from a bad injury.

Getting her to the start of the sailing Challenge 2017

The refit as come to a halt for a while the boatbuilder is recovering for a bad injury. It is not the end of the refit for this year, just a minor hiccup in the time and speed of the refit. Although the window to do the sailing challenge this year is now closed. It will give the team more time to prepare the boat for the challenge next year. Giving the necessary time to get all the work done on the boat over the next few months and get the boat in the water later this year and do any sail trials over the winter months when the rivers and the local estuaries are free of the summer sailors and their boats. The main jobs on the boat is now done apart from a few minor nailing jobs on the ribs, they can be done at any time as…

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