The restoration of Mai-Star II is coming along well. with many of the major jobs out of the way.

Finally got the front of the boat emptied of the bits that have been needed while the main part of the refit has been going on. Now that the main part is do or almost done the front of the boat can have the repainting it needs without anything being in the way.

 Cleaning out the bilge area so that it can get a fresh coat of bilge paint and the last of the copper nails can be clinched up and the rib job can be finally tick off the refit list.

 A great of bilge paint needed here to cover up the bare patch and give it at least three coats of bilge paint before the new ballast is fitted later after the boat is re-launched to being it down to its lines.

Another job that needed doing was to paint the floorboards with bilge paint on the bottoms of the boards and then anti-slip paint on the top.

The cabin floorboards after three coats of anti-slip paint ready for them going back into the boat when the painting of the cabin is complete.

A start as been made on painting the bilge area of the cockpit so that the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted so that the new cockpit seats can be made and the cockpit coamings can be made and fitted.

A bit of painting to be done in the cockpit, but once done it will be lighter in the cockpit and the lockers that will build into the areas under the seats and the decks for storage of items needed in the cockpit and on deck.

The cabin/cockpit bulkheads getting a fresh coat of undercoat ready for its final two coats of white gloss.

Aft looking view of the cockpit sides showing in a better shape after a fresh coat of paint as been applied.

First coat of Mediterranean White gloss on the hull just two more to go before this is finished and the toe rails and rubbing strakes can be varnished and the cabin sides are varnished and the cabin roof is sealed under a layer of epoxy resin and matting and a coat of anti-slip paint.

In the back ground is the boat’s mast getting its second coat of varnish, so that job is coming along well along side the work in the boat.


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