Last week was busy, the next week is going to be just as busy if not more so

Now that the jobs on the boat are coming along as a pace the jobs are getting ticked off the refit list at a speed. however, The team has to take onboard that speed is not everything. Every so often you need to draw breath and take a minute to make sure you have not missed a small item that could trip you up later, if you have overlooked it along the way.

So at the beginning of this next week, it will be taking stock time and checking that there are no jobs that have been overlooked and double checking the jobs that have been done to ensure that nothing has been missed.

Then it will be full steam ahead to get on with the next jobs on the refit list and get the boat a few more steps closer to being launched and once again afloat where she should be.

One of the first jobs this week, will be checking that all the nails are in the new ribs and that there are no holes in the bottom that should not be there by design, Now there are a couple of bit of rib that need steaming into place around a sharp turn in the bilge where an old rib broken and is in need of replacing which as been left until now as did not have access to this part of the boat until now.

One of the team is getting on well with the painting out of the cabin and is making it look a whole lot better than it has for years. Once he has finished that he is going to turn his attention to the varnish work around the cabin and being that up to spec as well.

While he is doing that I will be getting on with repairing a spilt plank in the bottom and sorting out the caulking seams in the bottom and getting the bottom fairly watertight without over filling the seams so that when the boat goes back in the water it does not break the new ribs as the very dry planks swell up to their normal size.

Once these couple of jobs are done then we can turn attention to more of the jobs on the refit list  and get every closer to the water.


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