THe last of the main replacement rib are in place, one job to tick off the refit list

Today saw the last of the main ribs fitted in the boat with the ones in the cockpit steamed in place. All that is left to do is clench them up and that will be one of the major jobs completed. then will be the small ribs in the bow and the lower ribs in the stern to finish off.

In the cabin the bunk tops have been refitted and the water tank and the battery box and battery have been refitted and the electrics have been tested to make sure they are up and running, with these jobs done it is really looking like the boat is starting to come back together again and get one step closer to being re-launched.

The next job on the come after the ribs are finished off will be the couple of plank repairs that need doing, where old seacocks have been removed and pieces of wood are being let in to cover where these fittings have been and to sort out a split plank which was damage when old of the old ribs was being removed.

The apprentice is at present rubbing down the hull and cabin sides have to start painting and varnish the boat early next week.

So the work on the boat is coming on a pace and the boat is finally showing signs of getting finished.

One of the jobs the apprentice is going to be doing is re-varnishing the mast  after it has been redress of its standing rigging, so he can get to all the parts of the mast to remove the old varnish and sand it down ready to re-varnish over the next couple of weeks.


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