The last of the ribs in the cabin almost finished and the end of one job and the beginning of the next job

Just got one rib to finish clinching up and then the cabin furniture can start to go back in place and the inside can start to look more like a boat again. Then the water tank and battery boxes can be put back in place after the whole of the bilge area is repainted with grey bilge paint and the cabin sides are primed and undercoated and glossed and then the cabin side battens can be refitted. The battens will be fitted after they have been varnished and the cabin hull sids have been glossed. The the locker have to have their new bases fitted where they are missing, so that the lockers can be used for storage while the boat is underway on passage.

Once the main cabin is finished the forepeak will get sorted out with the remaining nails that need clinching up. Then whole of the forward end of the boat can get primed and undercoated where necessary and glossed whole over to finish it off.

Then the team will turn its attention to the galley and cooking areas to get these up to spec and sort out the lockers underneath these areas to make best use of them.


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