Weather outside is against me, so to the workshop to do some work there.

Getting her to the start of the sailing Challenge 2017

The weather is a bit changeable and there are a number of job that can be done in the workshop the day will be spent doing work out there in the workshop. There a number of little jobs on parts of the mast and spars that need doing so these are what I am going to be doing today. Although they are not major items in the refit, they are ones that need to be done.The first of these are the reefing outer brackets that are fitted to the outboard end of the boom so that the reefing lines stay in the correct position when setting a reef at sea.

I have also got to make some wooden cleats to fit the inboard end of the reefing lines to when reefing as well. I have to make up some small boxes to hold some of the smaller items onboard, such…

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