Big push to get boat work done.

Shoring up the planking to get it back and keep it in place while refitting the new ribs in the port side where the ribs were all broken on the turn of the bilge.


Burned the paint off  the transom to find there is a lot of work to be carried out at the edges of the transom and along the top.

Finally got the second plank steamed on to the boat after the first one was found to be faulty and having to wait for a new piece of wood and the time to steam in on the boat. 


The cabin sides are finally in place and glued and screwed in place and putting a few homely pieces on the cabinsides.


The front of the boat is now the tool store while doing the work on the boat.


The steambox in position  ready to steam both the plank in place and also the new ribs as well.


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