So hopefully tomorrow back to the cabin sides and get them in.

Hopefully tomorrow the cabin sides will be in place and the re-contstruction of the cabin can begin and the boat restoration can get on a pace and the boat can start to look more like a boat than a restoration project that is going know where fast. Once the cabin sides are in and glued and sealed then the other jobs can get underway.

Mainly the last plank in the port side and the 12 or so ribs that need steaming and fixing in place and the caulking and puttying of the seams.

Then the long job of varnishing and painting the boat inside and outside, the hull and the new cabin sides and also the rubbing stakes and toe rails.

Then job I am not looking forward too is the fairing of the hull as this job is going to take a fair amount of time as it as not been done for a fair number of years if at all.


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