The boat is now taking shape

Final dry fitting of the two garboard planks

Another photo of the final fitting of the garboard planks on to the stem.

A photo of the curve of the plank has it goes along the boat and over the mould stations from being upright at the stem to laying down along the length of the boat.

Red lead primer on the edges that fit to the keel rebate and the stem and the transom to ensure it is well protected.

This photo shows the keel rebate matching up with the transom angle.

The stem and keel ready to final fixing of the garboard plank after it has been painted with primer.

This photo is of the starboard side ready to fix the garboard plank.

This photo shows the secong plank being offer up to mark off and cut to shape.

This photo show the second plank being bend round the first mould station


Now the boat is starting to take shape.


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