The long lay off from the work, but now be getting back to working on her again soon


This photo is of her under her winter cover waiting for me to get on with her and get her back into a sailing condition again.

since this photo was taken a fair bit as been done on the boat in the way of repairs and removal of broken and worn out bit of the boat.


The removal of the old worn out cabin sides and roof for a start which after 70+ years had seen better days.


the hull was in a poor state and needed a good sanding back to get a good finish on it.


The starboard side was not so bad and just needed knocking back a little.DSCN0074

Other work needing doing was removing old engine beds that were not needed any longer as there is not going to have an engine in the future, also the port hand side is in need of a number of rib that are broken that need replacing.


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