Mai-Star ongoing restoration this year with new cabin sides & roof.

This year it is the turn of the cabin sides and roof to get sorted out. As last year we were fighting a losing battle with the leaks on the cabin sides and the deck joint. 75 years of hard sailing and poor maintenance had taken its toll and it was time to call it a day. Then bite the bullet and make new cabin sides and roof. The job of taking the roof off was easy just get a big saw and cut sections out one at a time.

The cabin sides were a different matter with blind screws in some places and broken screws in others. some bits came out easily and other just would move. So out came the big hammer and the battle of wills started and a number of cups of coffee later they were off, but not in one pieces, but two or three bits. That was ok, I just had to fix them together once I was back at the workshop.

The next job now is to clean up the deck and sort out the deck beams and carlins and the go to the timber merchants and get the new wood for the cabin sides. One good thing in all this destruction was that I was able to save the deck beams as there was no rot or any other problem with them. So at least part of the old roof and cabin sides will live on in the new one.


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