A busy week ahead on the restoration of Mai-Star II

June 26, 2015

Now that the major jobs are do, apart from the odd nail or two in a few places. It is now time to get on with some of the smaller jobs which have been on the back burner fro a while. One being the painting of the inside of the boat from deckhead to keel and every place in between.

One of the last big jobs to do is the rebuilding of the cockpit, but after the other major jobs on the boat it is a much smaller job to do. However, no less a challenge to do as to make the best use of the space available it which to put all the equipment needed in the cockpit and make the storage work well.

Next week it will time to continue to fill the topside hull seams and repaint the hull with more primer to go over the newly filled seams before painting the hull with its undercoat and fill and fair the hull before glossing it.

Then it will be time to make a start on caulking and filling the seams in the bottom also fitting the rest of the hardwood plugs in the old nail holes from the sister ribs that were taken out when the new ribs were fitted to replace the original broken ribs and there was no need to have the sister ribs there anymore.

At the same time the apprentice will be varnishing the toe rails and cabin sides  and helping me with some of the two man jobs that I need a extra pair of hands to do. So all in all a busy week ahead,


This coming week’s job list a lot of fun!!

February 18, 2018

First order of the day will be a general stocktake of what is around the workshop and yard. Then it is down to start doing the boat movements for the week to get the boats in the workshop moved and in a position to be worked on and others covered up and moved out and other work brought into the workshop to be worked on over the coming weeks before they are put up for sale or returned to their owners.

The shaft log for the yacht the team are working on is now ready to get refitted to the yacht. Then the planks can be made up and refitted to the bottom. So that the new shaft log can then be bolted down into position and the fun job of boring the hole for the stern tube can begin.

While of the team is doning this work another member of the team will be sorting out the bolt in the outboard leg so that the new outboard engine leg anode can be fitted as the old anode had gone completely. That will be fun as it will needed a lot of patience as they are often difficult to remove if they have not been greased before fitting the bolt.


Making stern tube spacers to cut the new stern tube hole once the shaft log is refixed in the yacht.

February 18, 2018

Making stern tube spacers so that the extend drill bit will run true through the new shaft log when it is fitted in yacht

Drilling the ends in the spacers, so it is ready to drill the new shaft log with the extended drill bit and the hole saw cutter

More on the shaft log and getting it ready to fit into the yacht.

February 18, 2018

Finally got round to making a chisel rack in the workshop at the back of one of the work benches in the workshop

Getting out my old gent saw to making the clear edges of the rib notches

One side of the shaft log rib notches also finished

Working on a wooden yacht’s shaft log which has needed replacing after 70 years

February 18, 2018

Having cleared up the old shaft log, now time to take the measurements off the bottom of the old shaft log and transfer the measurements to the new shaft log

Transferring the measurements to the new shaft log     


Now time cut the rib positions out of the new shaft log, so the next time I get on the yacht can start to fit the shaft log to the hog/keel


Boat movement friday and then all change in the workshop rerady for the next run of boats coming into the yard over the coming months

February 18, 2018

The Shetland family four is now been moved to the other side of the workshop ready for the brokerage photos then off to the Yacht Brokers to be put on their yard

Looking a lot better than when it came into the yard and is now ready for its new owners this spring

The Hardy Navigator now in the place where the Shetland Family Four was, Now it is time for this to get its refit ready for the new season and for its work as a family cruising boat.

First restoration of the finally finished off

February 18, 2018

The day as now come that the Shetland Family 4 is now ready to go out of the Workshop and up for sale

After all the hard work over the past few months, it is now ready to go

All the the cockpit linings have been replaced and the locker tops have been re-varnished, now just the cockpit cushions need to be placed in position and the cockpit will be complete

The hull and superstructure have been compounded and just need a final coat of polish to keep it clean duing the coming season

The new smoked grey windows set off the clean lines well

Now it just needs a coat of fresh antifouling and just add water.

The cabin headlinings are finally up in place

December 17, 2017

The two sections of headlining panels are now up and the areas round the hatches have to be p-ainted to finish the job off

Major progress on the Shetland Family Four

December 17, 2017

The cabin and hull sides now  re-lined and looking a lot better .

Now the cockpit is now re-lined the last jobs in the cockpit can be finished off

The cabin bunk fronts now fixed in position and ready to have the bunk cushions fitted

The old bunk cushions put in position to check the size and position of the cushions before making new bunk cushions.

Working on the Shetland Family Four cabin lockers and bunk fronts

December 17, 2017

The berth fronts are now being looked at and found to be in a poor condition, so it is decided to renew the berth fronts with new plywood and carpets,

The galley locker is now back in position and is ready to have its edge trim renewed

The sink locker back in position and the bulkhead panel is now back in position

One of the angle brackets holding the berth fronts in position, in need of cleaning and reusing

The condition of the berth fronts is poor and in need of replacing

Breaking out the old hull from the mould tool

October 8, 2017

Removing matting from the where the bow seat was to make the moulding flex enough to move out of the mould

Doing the same to the aft seat area and taking out wood in the keel area

Leveling up the dinghy in the cradle to ensure the seats get glassed in level

Glassing in the reinforcement plywood for aft seat

Trimming the bow seat moulding to fit the inside of the hull

Glassing in the transom pad to strengthen up the transom of the dinghy to take a reasonable size outboard motor should one be fitted by its new owner

Ensuring the dinghy stays level while glassing in  the bow and aft seats.